Should You Seek Employment During the Holidays?

Have you heard that companies don’t hire during the holidays? Well, it’s just a myth. Just ask the jobseeker who received a call and offered a position on Black Friday. Or, the one who had a second interview on Christmas Eve. Putting your job search on hold between Thanksgiving and New Year’s isn’t just a bad idea—it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Remember: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” If you’re not looking for employment during the holidays, you’re not going to find one.

4 Reasons to Keep Your Job Search Active During the Holidays

  • Employers hire all 12 months of the year. Many positions are funded to start with a new budget year,  which usually coincides with the beginning of a new year. Sometimes, hiring managers have budgets that must be spent before the end of the year; they must “use it or lose it.” These two scenarios offer opportunities for job seekers in December.
  • The holidays provide some natural opportunities to network and spread the word about your job search. You can do this while attending company parties, social gatherings, end-of-the-year professional association events, or when sending holiday cards and letters. These strategies work whether you’re unemployed or employed but want to improve your job situation.
  • There is less competition from other job candidates during the holidays. Many people wait until January to look for a new job as part of their New Year’s resolutions. If you wait until then to start or resume your job search, you’ll have lots more competition.
  • Sometimes it’s easier to connect with hiring managers during the holidays as many key employees remain in the office while lower level staff take off during this time.

Regardless of whether or not you are offered employment during the holidays, it’s a good time to lay a lot of the groundwork before the year ends. Preparation in advance makes it more likely that you’ll be hired quickly in the new year.


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